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How did we get here?

It all started rather small...

Over a decade ago, we felt God prompting us to open up our small home to a variety of people.


This included people wounded by the church, abused women, those struggling with addictions....basically anyone who needed love.

We simply shared the love of Christ with people by inviting them to our table. Good food, heartful prayer, and unconditional love led to lives being changed.

An old mansion gets restored...

Before long, we realized that we may need a bigger house to hold all the people God kept sending our way. Enter: Gomer's House.

We bought a 100+ year old, 3 story mansion about 35 minutes from Austin, TX. Though the bones were good, it needed TONS of restoration. 

In spite of its state, God sent people to our house. An abundance of people. We've done our best to love them, and in turn, many have loved us by helping with the restoration process.

Moving the table outside of our walls...

We are headed into a new season of life and have put all of the things we do under one new name. What started as simple table fellowship at our house (with over 1400 people in 10 years) grew out the door, into other cities, and to another country. 

We are connected with an orphange in Haiti, and frequently travel there to minister to orphans and Haitian women. This includes caring for the children and hosting a retreat for the women.

We also have a passion for feeding the homeless. Whether at Church Under The Bridge in Waco, or at the Trinity Center in downtown Austin, we strive to bring warm food and warm conversation to those in need.

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