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Want to get involved?

Steph's Etsy Store

Stephanie creates amazing art....warfare art and jewelry. Check it out below:

IMG_2950 copy_edited.png


The Boho Table is a registered 501c3

non-profit organization. Every gift you give is fully tax deductible and goes to support the service projects we are involved in.

Click the donate button to give.

(if writing a check, please make

it out to The Boho Table)

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Every October, we host a fish-fry fundraiser at our home. Listen to live music while you munch on delicious catfish. Puruse the artwork while you decide which pecan pie to purchase. Click below to get tickets to this year's event on October 5th!



We would love to have you join us on our next service project! Do you have a skill that could benefit someone in need? Can you cook a mean rack of BBQ ribs? Can you hand out food and engage in conversation? Yes. Yes you can. Use the contact page to let us know that you're interested.

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